Dynamic Edge Martial Arts is a modern and progressive martial arts school in Springfield, MO founded by Theron Sturgess in 1999. Our classes promote self-defense, physical training, and martial arts skills, in an effort to improve health and increase wellness. Our black belt curriculum is a system that incorporates training for the mind and body and is designed to teach martial arts skills and movement in a positive professional manner.

Our self-defense practice is a system that utilizes what is effective for a variety of situations so that students can customize their training and create their own style of martial arts practice. You will learn defensive tactics that teach you to prevent and avoid and evade and disarm, strike and escape, control and submit. You will learn combat techniques for close quarter hand to hand, ground fighting, takedowns, control positions, submissions and weapons defenses. We teach situational awareness and how to predict, prevent and avoid a confrontation before you have to use physical defensive tactics. We study local and national trends relating to assault and violent crime and use that information to guide our self-defense.

However, martial arts is more than a method of self-protection from an attacker it’s a self-protection from all those invisible enemies in life that can drag us down; sedentary or toxic lifestyle, anger, and stress, fear, worry, perfectionism, apathy, distraction and the like. Learning how to control an opponent in a self-defense situation is the context that we use to concentrate our training but the benefits extend far beyond basic self-defense. We know that the real challenges in life aren’t so easily defeated and require practice, patience, and perseverance to overcome. For us, martial arts is a challenging, interesting, fun and enriching path to fitness that combines thousands of years of history, culture, and philosophy. It’s about the journey you take through life.

Theron Sturgess:

I’ve been teaching martial arts for over 28 years.  I’ve studied Kenpo Karate, Hung Gar Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Hapkido, Aikido, Folkstyle Wrestling, Pankration, No Gi grappling, Mixed Martial Arts, and Filipino Martial Arts and trained at a variety of advanced training camps on the topics of knife defense, impact weapons defense, Reality Self-defense, Krav Maga methods, and competition Jiu-Jitsu to name a few.

I am an educator, business owner, personal trainer, and writer working within Springfield, MO, and the Ozarks community. My clients range from adult martial artists to fitness enthusiast, women learning practical self-defense, teens, elementary children, and pre-schoolers.

I manage a school where teaching and training and personal development work is our full-time focus. It’s not about losing weight, self-defense, or getting stronger it’s about challenging ourselves to improve and become better, happier, healthier more effective human beings as a result of our practice.

For more information on the school visit: http://www.DynamicEdgeMA.com

I develop an integrated educational curriculum for progressive martial arts students. I work with individuals, schools, local businesses, and groups involving fitness, self-protection, martial arts skills, and personal development.

Some of the most important aspects of these teachings are self-reliance, leadership, peace education, bully prevention, nutritional self-defense, anger reduction techniques, child and sexual assault prevention, environmental awareness, community building, and an innovative curriculum that includes martial science, art, history, and character development.

Phone: 417-889-8900 (central time)

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