Closing Announcement

Dynamic Edge will be closed until April 3rd. Be smart, be safe, be alert.

The A,B,C’s of Self-Defense apply
A-Awareness and Avoidance
B-Boundary Setting and Defending
C-Control and Combat

Dynamic Edge Will be implementing Isolation Protocol as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Greene County Health Department.

Greene County has 3 confirmed cases with potentially many more people with no symptoms roaming around (we have no testing available to know).

The new CDC guidelines just released say no gatherings for more than 10 people, down from 250 last night and 500 on Friday. Springfield Public schools are now closed until April 3rd. So, with an abundance of caution, we too will follow the recommended closing schedule.

During the crisis, we will offer online instruction through at:

We are looking into offering personal lessons through the Zoom App. We’ll keep you updated for Facebook live events and youtube live videos as we explore more online instruction options.

We are also looking at offering outdoor classes at our backlot and local parks when the weather is good and we can meet safety precautions. All suggestions and input are appreciated.

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