10 Self-defense Secrets: Learning to Destroy threats to your personal Safety

The First of 10 Principles of Self-Defense


The First Principle: Self-Protection as a philosophy of life

Let’s focus for a moment on women’s self-defense.  Fear of violence has pushed many people to seek security in a chaotic world through Martial Arts training.  A core concept of the Dynamic Edge Self-protection is about identifying those threats in our life and environment that pose the most likely and harmful danger to us. The good news is that we have that information.

Now, we have to do something about it.  This search will lead to seeing that homicide accounts for 8% of the fatalities among women 20-24 (Center for Disease Control).  It’s a sad statistic that reminds us that we have much to learn about how to protect people from other people.  Violence is a terrible scourage within our modern society, however,  it’s not the most likely killer of women. So what are the most direct threats aimed to steal the life, health, and vitality from women in today’s world?

Cause of Death

1) Heart disease             



2) Cancer 22.2
3) Stroke 6.3
4) Chronic lower respiratory diseases 5.9
5) Alzheimer’s disease 4.5
6) Unintentional injuries 3.5
7) Diabetes 2.8
8) Influenza and pneumonia 2.3
9) Kidney disease 2.0
10) Septicemia 1.6

This data from www.cdc.gov puts it in perspective. The most common killers out there are lurking in cheeseburgers, cigarettes, stress, obsession, addiction, disease and unhealthy living.


So, self-protection isn’t just looking out for threats like abusive relationships, rapist, and murderers.  We are looking to fight all the enemies of our health, internal and external. Self-protection is learning to combat the threats that oppose our health, wellness, freedom, creativity, and happiness.  Self-protection must help us guard against unhealthy relationships, living in fear, and feeling a lack of confidence steal the joy in life as well as put us on a path to health and longevity. 

Self-protection is about making this way of thinking a path to learning,  from past traumas and how to move forward.  Self-protection is also about sharing what we’ve learned with the next generation to bring about change on an individual, community, and global level. Learning self-protection is a way for people to fight back against feelings of powerlessness, and against all the enemies of health and happiness.  

Please look into other threats to your health at the Centers for Disease Control:


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